About us

Who We Are

Ortexo is a software-as-a-service product holding company, run by a dedicated group of individuals from all over the world, many of whom are students. Our tagline is “launching innovative technologies”, which is both an homage to our pre-rebranding company name “Launch Tech” and also a concise way to explain exactly what we do: create software that serves the needs of our communities, and help expand our peers’ horizons.
Ortexo’s mission is to accelerate success by exposing students to new knowledge, opportunities, and innovative software technologies. Our team actively builds and tests products, maintaining a customer-centric mindset, to ensure their effectiveness and overall impact. We hope that what we launch can be a catalyst for growth in many students’ lives.

Our Team

Ortexo - Calix Huang - Founder and CEO

Calix Huang


Calix Huang is a self-taught software engineer who specializes in full-stack development and is employed by multiple SaaS companies. After delivering many influential speeches several major hackathons, his goal is to create his own successful SaaS company.
Ortexo - Kenny Wu - COO

Kenny Wu

Chief Operating Officer

Kenny Wu is an operations executive and marketing specialist. He is highly involved with the entrepreneurship community and excels in planning and implementing business operations. On the side, he loves to cook, write articles, and play sports with friends.
Ortexo - Neha Washikar

Neha Washikar

Chief Marketing Officer

Neha Washikar is a CS and marketing enthusiast. She is currently the Vice President of Digital Marketing at her school’s DECA chapter, and was the Director of Outreach last year. In her free time, Neha enjoys playing volleyball and painting.
Ortexo - Adelyn Chen

Adelyn Chen

Director of Outreach

Adelyn Chen is a student at the Wharton School and works on Ortexo's outreach team. She loves navigating the intersection of business and computer science. Her hobbies are calligraphy, bullet journaling, drinking bubble tea, and watching Korean dramas.
Ortexo - Mitchell Artz

Mitchell Artz

Director of Software Development

Mitchell Artz is a QA tester and security enthusiast, currently studying to get his High School diploma online. He loves testing for security flaws in cloud-based services. Mitchell enjoys playing curling and flying drones.
Ortexo - Malvika Patel

Malvika Patel

Director of Public Relations

Malvika Patel is a high school student in Ontario, Canada. She's strongly passionate about computer software and she enjoys learning about revolutionizing computer technologies. In my free time, I enjoy acrylic and oil painting as well as playing badminton.
Ortexo - Andrew Vuong

Andrew Vuong

Software Engineer

Andrew Vuong, is an incoming freshman in college studying CS and thinking about getting a minor/major in Cognitive Science. He is part of the development team and enjoys developing games and software. In his free time, Andrew enjoys swimming, dragon boat and playing the viola.
Ortexo - Ruijia Xing

Ruijia Xing

Software Engineer

Ruijia Xing is part of Ortexo's software development team and is currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University. She is interested in artificial intelligence, and she loves to create art, do robotics, and play table tennis in her free time.
Ortexo - Mark Liu

Mark Liu

Software Engineer

Mark Liu is an incoming freshman at the University of Waterloo, studying computer science and finance. He is a member of Ortexo's development team, developing both client and server software. In his free time, he enjoys running and playing basketball.
Ortexo - Angela Chen

Angela Chen

QA Tester

Angela Chen is the Outreach Coordinator at Project Tech Conferences, a student NPO that runs technology events for students, and hopes to further her own programming knowledge. In her free time, Angela enjoys running, hurdling and listening to music.
Ortexo - Elizabeth Field

Elizabeth Field

Content Writer

Elizabeth Field is a rising senior at Monticello High School in Virginia. She is an inspiring physicist, with passions in mathematical theory, writing/journalism, music, international politics, athletics, community service, research worm holes, and watching Netflix.
Ortexo - Katie Li

Katie Li

Content Writer

Katie Li is a content writer for Ortexo who’s interested in exploring the intersection between writing and computer science. In her free time, she also loves to read, dance, and waste money on boba.
Ortexo - Jesse Cheng

Jesse Cheng


Jesse Cheng is a HS student, working on Ortexo's outreach team. He enjoys learning about new tech and cares deeply about the environment. In his free time, he loves to do Taekwondo/MMA, play the ukulele, and hang out with friends.
Ortexo - Sophia Tong

Sophia Tong

Human Resources

Sophia is an incoming freshman at UC Irvine in their honors program. She loves meeting new people, and greatly enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and going to the beach with her friends. She is often found swimming, coaching synchronized swimming, dancing, or simply getting milk tea.

Advisory Board

Ortexo - Jack Chen

Jack Chen

Software Engineer @ Box

Ortexo - Nathaniel Diong

Nathaniel Diong

Founder @ Future Minds Network

Ortexo - Chinmayi Balusu

Chinmayi Balusu

Founder + CEO @ Simply Neuroscience